Easy Project: Den of Pin Pincushion

We are using the beginner’s sewing book ( “Sew Everything Workshop” by Diana Rupp) to learn how to sew. I needed a pincushion, so I made the Den of Pin Pincushion. It’s a one-spool project (easy).

I was fully prepared to have had to have done my Simplicity 1971 reversible aprontwice in order to actually make an apron instead of a disaster, so I bought twice the amount of fabric needed. So, I had plenty of leftover fabric to use in other projects. I chose my black and white fabric with green embroidery thread. I chose the circular pincushion- you just use a cd to trace a circle on the wrong side of you cloth, so it’s super easy. It’s supposed top be topped with a button, but I didn’t feel like doing that step.

Den of Pin Pincusion
Den of Pin Pincushion

Even though this is an easy project, I still had a few problems with it.

1) Luckily I already had polyfill from when I made a scissors keeper from Crewel Embroidery by Sue Hawkins.

Scissors Keeper
Scissors keeper from Crewel Embroidery by Sue Hawkins

I think I went a little overboard with the stuffing, because I wanted to make it nice and firm. Oh well, not a big deal.

2) It was difficult to get the embroidery thread through the pincushion. I was using a big, thick needle, but I actually managed to break it. You can see that it isn’t a perfect circle and the “petals” aren’t perfectly spaced, but I am happy with it.

3) You hand sew the part where you put the stuffing in using whipstitch, which turned out a little messy when I did it. Yes, this is probably 100% my fault, but I like to complain.

Den of Pin Pincushion Profile
You can see that the hand stitching (on the left-hand side) is messy. Oh well!

4) What is the pun or reference? Den of Pin Pincushion- I don’t get it. Can anybody tell me?

Project grade: A. Yes, there were some problems, but they were my fault. Easy and useful project.