Supply Time!

Once I had my sewing machine and Wrong and I were ready to start joint projects, I went down to the local craft shop to buy supplies. Ouch! Buying all those little items adds up. I had done a little research online to see what tools I would need. It was a little overwhelming to see all those tools and types of cloth, so the shopping trip took longer than I would have liked.

I ordered dressmaker’s shears online,

Mundial Dressmaker's Shears
Mundial Classic Forged 8-inch Dressmaker's Shears

but they hadn’t arrived yet, so I tried to use household scissors to cut my cloth instead. I gave this up almost immediately- it’s just too hard to use household scissors for cloth. They seem sharp enough for normal use, but once I tried using them on cloth, it was immediately apparent that they were just too dull. I had to wait a few days for my shears to arrive. I got Mundial Classic Forged 8-inch Dressmaker’s Shears. They are not the fanciest (read: Gingher G-8 8-inch Dressmaker’s Shears), but they are very good-quality, all-metal scissors. Now, I just need keep them hidden from my boyfriend, since sewing scissors should only be used on cloth!

I was tempted to buy a rotary cutter and cutting mat, but they are just too pricy for me right now. Someday, though! It is more important that I build skills right now.

Since at this point Wrong and I didn’t have a book yet, and also now realized that, yes, since sewing is a craft that has been practiced for thousands of years, we should be using that accumulated knowledge instead of attempting to go it on our own and learn without books or patterns, I also got an apron pattern Simplicity 1971 reversible apron. Yay!

Grandma’s Sewing Box

A few days ago we were at our Grandparents’ house.  My grandparents were very neat and organized, so when a white vinyl storage box caught my eye, I suspected that it was likely to be something worth keeping.

I grabbed the sturdy box off the shelf, and looked inside. It was exactly what I was hoping! It was my grandmother’s sewing box, full of notions. I didn’t even know that she used to sew.

Vintage Sewing Box

The box was a nice surprise, because I have been thinking that I need to order a sewing box. My notions and supplies are either scattered around my dining room (and apparently look like delicious dog toys), or they are crammed in a storage box where they are at risk of being lost forever. I resisted buying a sewing box from my local Joann’s because they all look so flimsy. Who wants a fabric snap button closure? That’s just dumb and is going to break.

Now I have a sturdier box, plus a lifetime supply of hand sewing needles, some extra scissors, lots of old thread and pins, and a bunch of aged seam binding/hem tape (great for practicing with). My new sewing box needs a bit of repair work, but its a great way to remember my grandmother. Thanks, Grandma!

Vintage Sewing Notions
Sewing Notions