I was at the fabric store yesterday (I got some purple moleskin for the Cuddle Up Cardigan and some pink satin for Tender is the Nightie from “Sew Everything Workshop” by Diana Rupp). Both fabrics were on sale, yay!) when a woman asked me if I sew. She is a longtime sewer who had just discovered the profusion of make-your-own dress form guides online. She was very excited about this discovery, since making your own dress form based on your own body lets you do the real customization you want- customizing based on your body, so you look your best! Basically, you put on some old clothes, have a friend wrap you in duct tape, cut off the duct tape, then stuff and mount the resulting dress form. Brilliant!

She also said that she feels like more and more people are starting to sew. This gave me a chance to say that Wrong and I decided to start sewing as a way to rebel against the decline in clothing quality.

By next year, my sewing skills will have improved enough for me to make a costume for the dog. I'm thinking some sort of European baron.
Yes! She said that she thinks clothing quality has declined, too, and also said that women’s clothing used to be mostly permapres- yes, like the permanent press setting on your washing machine- but nowadays permapress is used mostly on men’s clothing. Permapress helps prevent wrinkling. She feels that since clothing styles move through cycles, permapress is due for a comeback.

It’s nice to feel vindicated by learning that other people are disappointed by the poor quality clothes manufacturers are putting out now, and to feel like Wrong and I are part of a larger movement of people who are just learning to sew.

As a side note, since Halloween is coming up fast and people are very busy making costumes, the store was crazy- at least a third of the thread was out of stock, the fabric cutting area had dozens of bolts waiting to be put away, and it was pretty crowded. I couldn’t even come close to finding matching purple thread for my cardigan, and buying black lace for my night-gown was impossible. Oh well, I am going to do black contrast stitching on the cardigan, and try for some black lace at a different store.