Vogue 8645 Misses’ Dress

Vogue 8645
Vogue 8645

My latest project is Vogue 8645, view A (the shorter version). I used a pale lavender handkerchief-weight linen/rayon blend, lined in a white handkerchief-weight linen/rayon blend (If I was smart enough to look at the entire package instead of just the top, I would have realized that the dress was lined early enough to buy enough fabric to line it in lavender instead of white. Someday, someday.) This dress is notorious for being a tent- pretty much every blog entry I looked at called it out for having a huge potential to overwhelm the wearer, and my boyfriend kept on calling in a prairie dress when I was sewing it. I copied Wearable Muslin and made a size smaller than I should based on my measurements. Good call!

Vogue 8645 imitating model
Vogue 8645 imitating model

Marie Oliveira made V8645 and was not happy with it! She’s got a point- I think curvy girls most likely fill this dress out better than less curvy girls. I am an inverted triangle, so this dress could even out my figure by making my lower half look a little larger- or it could just make me look lumpy and shapeless. And, Marie also ran across a Vogue catalog where, yes, they featured this dress as a maternity gown. Ugh. maddening. A dress should not be marketed to pregnant and non-pregnant women at the same time!

I think angling the torso more sharply would have been an easy fix for the designer to do to eliminate tenty-ness, but oh well. I am still wary about making more form-fitting clothes, and this dress should be good for the summertime because it is so loose. Thank god for the sash, though!

The dress has the potential to be pretty plain looking, but mystitchnbitch points out that the shoulder ties manage to give it some flare.

Vogue 8645 side view
Vogue 8645 side view

I’m pretty pleased with my work- it came out pretty much how I expected it to, and I think I am getting a bit better at lining things up on the grain! I was expecting a loose-fitting dress, which is what I got. I can’t wait to be able to make more tailored clothes, but this dress is a good step in building my skills.

Vogue 8645 back view
Vogue 8645 back view. This is where it all falls apart

I think I could wear it out in public! I’m not happy with the back view, but oh well- I wasn’t expecting a dress that would look good from all angles, and this seems like it would be nice on hot summer afternoons. Yay!

My main problem with this pattern was the instructions on the shoulders- I really felt that they could be more detailed, with larger pictures that are easier to see. I think I managed just fine, even though I did not follow the directions exactly. I sewed the shoulders together right sides together, then sewed down the little flaps. The shoulder ties cover up any deviations from the instructions here. I also shortened the dress by a few inches.

I’m very happy with this dress. I would not sew it again, because I don’t need two tent dresses, but I got exactly what I was expecting. Yes! I think for my next project, I am going to make Simplicity Sew Simple 1961, which is a cardi-wrap in a knit fabric. This will be my first time sewing a knit fabric, so wish me luck!

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  1. I found your website in my web stats. I think this dress fits you very nicely! I think you are right about it fitting your body type. It was a good idea to shorten it, much more flattering.

  2. I love the lavender color of your fabric, I think the cotton gives it a lovely flare at the hem. Definitely a cute summer number to break out for bbq’s and such!

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