Very Easy Vogue 8390 Wrap Shirt

Vogue 8390
Very Easy Vogue 8390 Wrap Top

After my last sewing fail, I wanted my next sewing project to be fairly easy, but primarily I wanted to make something with no zippers. I decided to make Very Easy Vogue 8390 Wrap Top. This sewing pattern uses a moderate stretch material like jersey, so it avoids the need for any closures like my mortal enemy, the zipper.

I picked up some purple jersey on clearance from my fabric store, so I was happy to try out this sewing pattern with my cheap fabric. I have never sewn with a stretch or a knit fabric before, so I knew I definitely wanted to start out with a fabric that I wouldn’t mind ruining. I do not have a serger, and needed to find out how to sew knits and stretch fabrics on a sewing machine. My quick research results:

Vogue 8390 Wrap Top
My first wearable sewing project!
  1. Use a needle for stretch fabrics so you don’t damage your fabric.
  2. Use a stretch stitch on the sewing machine. The stretch stitch has give in it so when the stretchy knit fabric moves, you won’t rip your seams.
  3. Use a Walking Foot Attachment on the sewing machine. The walking foot feeds the fabric through evenly, and prevents the fabric from getting caught in the machine. The brand-specific walking foot for my sewing machine (Elna) is not easy to come by, so I ordered a generic walking foot from Amazon.

I read the reviews for this on Pattern Review, and two main points stood out:

  1. This pattern runs big.
  2. Skip the facings

I decided to not sew a smaller size because at this point in my sewing career it is best not to innovate too much. I did skip the facings. To skip the facings, I added a 5/8th inch hem to the top and bottom of each wrap piece.

Let me tell you, I messed up a ton on this pattern, and I am still happy with the end result. I had to rip out a lot of seams along the way, mostly because one of the wrap pieces I sewed on was wrong in a way I can’t even understand. I think that the jersey was a pretty forgiving fabric. This shirt came out a little big, I can see going down a size or two in a stretchy fabric. One huge plus to the jersey fabric: no need for a seam finish. I just trimmed the extra fabric off.

The only real problem I had that I don’t understand is that I had to ease in the sleeves, which is not mentioned in the instructions. Hmm. I think that leaving off the facings is a good adjustment, as reviews said that the extra weight makes the shirt hang too low.

Be. Mine made Vogue 8390 in a striped version, but she left off the side gather. Looks good! Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue also made this shirt, and had some suggestions for altering it if it doesn’t fit you right.

I didn’t make any alterations, and I don’t think I need to in this case. I think this top is a cute and flattering design. Yes, it is low cut, so I will be wearing a cami underneath.

Overall, I am very happy with this project, and I will buy some nicer fabric and make Vogue 8390 again!

Shoulder of the Vogue 8390 Wrap Top
Could be worse
Vogue 8390 Wrap Top Side Gathering
Vogue 8390 Wrap Top Side Gathering

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