Update: Very Easy Vogue 8390 Wrap Shirt, Take Two

vogue 8390 wrap shirt
Vogue 8390 Wrap Shirt

My most recent (and best!) project so far was the Very Vogue 8390 Wrap Top. Since I was happy with this project, I decided to make a second version.  I am happy to report that my second Vogue 8390 shirt is completed and ready to wear!

For this version, I used a 100% cotton jersey in bright turquoise.  This particular jersey is fairly thick and holds it shape well. It was on sale for half off, so it ended up being $3.00 a yard. I made the short sleeve version (view B).

To skip the facings, this is what I did:

  1. Remember that the sewing pattern instructions tell you to cut out you fabric with some of the pattern pieces wrong side up.  I forgot about this and had to re-cut the front pieces of the shirt so the right side would be facing out.  Luckily I had plenty of extra fabric.
  2. Try to buy a very closely matching thread because it will be on display.
  3. Before you sew your pattern pieces together, add a 5/8 inch turned under hem to the bottom of the shirt body pieces and to the chest/neckline edges of the shirt front. (A hem that is turned under twice (hiding the raw edge) would probably be better, but this was too difficult and not worth it to me.)
  4. Trim the extra fabric from the turned under edge.  Be careful not to cut into the fabric anywhere else. Do this before sewing the pattern pieces together.  This just made it easier to assemble all the pieces neatly without too much extra bulk in the seams.
vogue 8390 inside constuction
Inside: clean, trimmed seams

Again, I did have to ease in the sleeves on this version.  Maybe that is normal for all sleeves, so its not in the pattern instructions?

With summer coming up, I might consider making Vogue 8390 in View A, he halter top version. I am not sure… I don’t love the way halter tops look on me, and plus it would be pretty low cut. Looking around, I saw a couple of really cute versions on some sewing blogs. The Subversive Sewer made a nice halter top with this pattern. Journey to Couture made this shirt and mentioned that with a thicker fabric that having the facings made it feel too bulky.

vogue 8390 seams
I miraculously managed to line up the underarm seams!
I really liked working with the jersey, and I would like to work with knits more in the future.  Using the walking foot and stretch stitch worked find with my sewing machine.  I did have one instance of my fabric being stuck inside of my sewing machine, but  unscrewed the throatplate and pulled out the fabric and that fixed it.  I had seen a YouTube video about a jammed sewing machine, so I knew not to panic.

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