Simplicity Sew Simple 2017 Misses’ Dress

Simplicity Sew Simple 2017
Simplicity Sew Simple 2017
Simplicty 2017 Sew Simple in an linen/rayon blend
Not perfectly made, but so comfy!

Simplicity Sew Simple 2017

I made Simplicity Sew Simple 2017 Misses’ Dress recently. This dress is comfy and cute, and very casual. Regular readers know that I need garments with some sort of waist definition/structure if I am going to look my best. This dress doesn’t have much of that, but since I am a beginner sewist, I am happy to work my way up to making more form-fitting garments. Plus, I wanted a comfortable dress to wear around the apartment in hot weather. I used a blue and white linen/rayon blend, which I washed and dried in the washing machine and dryer, instead of dry cleaning it before cutting. I knew this would be a casual dress, and I do not want to be bothered with dry cleaning it. I’ll probably end up just hand washing it.

Changes I made: I shortened it quite a bit- maybe a little too much, but this is mostly a housedress, so I don’t want to be too dowdy! It would be very easy for me to lengthen it if the length starts to bother me. I left off all of the trim- all I could find in the proper size was rickrack, which looks a little too homemade prairie dress for me. Dollar Dress Friday also left off the trim, and wears her dress with a red belt to make it more form fitting. Cute!

Simple Life Simple Home made two versions of Simplicity 2017- the first was too small. She made the second one according to her measurements. It was on the big side, especially under the arms. She fixed this problem by adding a dart under each arm. She also left the trim off of the second dress- it seems like a trend!


Front side- small extra fold of fabric
Front side- extra fold of fabric
The ties were difficult to turn, even with a loop turner, because of the fabric. So, some parts of the ties are a little frayed and tired looking.

I did not attach the tie straps evenly- I did my best to attach them correctly, but for some reason, it didn’t occur to me that I should compare them before sewing, then move one up or down. Opps!

The far, far larger problem is a fold of fabric that developed when I sewed the one side of the bodice to one of the side front sections.

It’s very small on the front side, but quite large on the backside:

Backside- large fabric fold
The fold is much larger on the backside

I’m not sure what caused it the fold- I think it’s possible that I should have had the bodice/front piece on top of the front/side piece when I was sewing (step 15- or did I mess up on step 19?), instead of the other way around, because the bodice piece is more curved than the other piece- but I’m not sure. To my credit, the first time it happened I ripped out the stitches and re-did the seam, so it’s not like I’m wantonly ignoring mistakes. Unfortunately, my rose-colored glasses must have kicked in the second time I sewed it, because I didn’t notice the extra fold then. If it was just the tiny extra fold on the the front of the dress, I really wouldn’t mind. But, the fold makes the two sides of the bodice slightly uneven. The collar sits higher, and there’s a bit more of my near-breast on the side and the front exposed then I would like. It’s not a fatal flaw, just a little annoying. Since I won’t be wearing this anywhere fancier than the local convenience store, I’m OK with it.

I’ve already gotten a chance to wear the dress! We had some warm weather last week, and the dress was fabulously comfortable. The directions were mostly clear. I ignored the directions for gathering, which are not be sufficient to teach someone how to gather, and just used my gathering foot. If you don’t know how to gather and don’t have a gathering foot, has a nice tutorial.

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