Simplicity It’s So Easy 2117 skirt, view A

It took me two months, but I finished Simplicity It’s So Easy 2117!

Simplicity 2117 front view
Simplicity 2117 front view

It’s not that the pattern is difficult, its just that I was busy and not home a lot.  I was afraid that this was going to become a UFO. But, I am determined to keep the UFOs to a minimum. How will I ever learn if I never finish anything? What would be the point of buying fabric and patterns if I never completed a project?

I am against UFOS, but not wadders- at this point, I expect a certain number of projects to be unwearable, am and fine with it- as long as I make harder fabrics in cheap fabric the first time, it’s OK to learn through failure. I got sale fabric for this project for that very reason. It’s a wadder, which is what I was expecting because I am so inexperienced.

Striped skirt fabric with pattern piece attached
Yay forcing myself to be precise! Just lining up the selvages was a good amount of work.

I was either optimistic or foolhardy and bought striped fabric. I think this was a smart move I my part- I wasn’t expecting this to come out perfectly, and a striped fabric forced me to practice lining things up carefully, and made my mistakes in the finished project more obvious, showing me where I need improvement.

I made a size 12- I would like to learn how to alter sewing patterns to fit my body, but since I have never made a skirt from a pattern before, I figured it would be better to learn how a non-altered pattern would fit my body. I thought I could have possibly gone down a size- based on the measurements on the envelope, it should be snug at the waist, probably too snug, but isn’t. If I made this again, I would make a muslin in a smaller size to see if it fit better.

Neeno at Sew Me Love also made Simplicity 2117, also without the chains or buttons- she originally made a size 12, but feels that the pattern runs a little large, so a 10 is really a better fit- I think I agree with her.

I did have some problems with this pattern, but most of the directions were clear and easy to follow. This was my first time using interfacing or making a waistband or pockets, so it was a good experience for me to start learning these techniques.

Skirt zipper
The sad thing is, this is once of the better zippers I've done.

My first problem was the zipper: I accidentally positioned it a bit too high,so i didn’t have room for the closure above it. Despite my best efforts to be careful and follow the directions, the zipper did not turn out right- once I get to the thicker area near the zipper pull, the line of stitches goes outward towards the less thick area.

My other problem was connecting the body of the skirt to the waistband. The skirt has small pleats at the front, as well as darts. I think I made my darts too small, because I had to add two extra pleats to make the skirt fit into the waistband without bunching. This spoiled the proper lining up of the lines on the skirt and the lines of the waistband:

One thing I did not like about the skirt was that the waistband bows out towards the top. This could be because of some mistake I made, or maybe using a sturdier
interfacing could help with this, or it might be the pattern itself. In any case, this is my least favorite feature of the skirt.

Skirt waistband and body with skewed stripes
Skirt waistband and body with skewed stripes

I’ll probably find a skirt without pleating the next time I make a pencil skirt- pleats just make a little puff under my belly button, which is not exactly the look I’m going for.  I need something that will make the back of me look more curvy, not the other way around!

I think someone with a longer waist would be able to make the pleats look good, though. This was a good learning project, but is not flattering enough for me to actually wear.  I think it might be good in a thicker fabric, if I could figure out how to skip the pleats and hug my backside a bit more.

Simplicity 2117 side view
ha ha I have no butt, and this skirt is puffing out under my belly button. What's the slanfg for a woman with no butt and a belly?



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