Right’s Easy Project: Tokyo Tie Bag

The Tokyo Tie bag from Diana Rupp’s “Sew Everything Workshop” is a popular project; do a google search for it, and you’ll see that people love it. It is quick and easy (for people who know what they are doing; for me it’s a week-long project.) I was excited to make a cute, casual purse. The design is forgiving enough so that small differences in the the size or shape of your cut-out pieces of fabric won’t matter. I cannot find the right kind of pattern paper in stores, so I had to use butcher paper for the pattern.

Tokyo Tie Bag Pattern
Pattern for the Tokyo Tie Bag. Nice and simpe!

The pattern was easy to make, but would have been impossible for my drawing-challenged hands to make without “Collins Quilt & Sew Ruler 2″X18″. Because Wrong had already made a Tokyo Tie Bag following the instructions in the book, I knew that the bag as given creates a tiny little thing. Wrong thinks that this makes it simpler for beginning sewers and helps them not waste fabric and money if things don’t work out, but I think giving people instructions to make a purse they can’t use without looking like a giant is a waste, and is simply a waste of money. So, I sized up everything by 1.5. Here are the old and new measurements in inches:

      18 3/4….28 1/8
      2 3/4…….4 1/8
      1 1/8……..1 11/16
      2 1/2……..3 3/4
      5 5/8……..8 7/16

I added as big a pocket on the inside as I could.  Best of all, I gave this bag to one of my friends. Using the purse as a present was extra motivation to do a good job and finish quickly, instead of having a half-finished project sitting around for a month, then losing interest and never finishing it.

Tokyo Tie Bag
Tokyo Tie bag- a fun, casual bag!

Grade:  A-.  This is a very good beginners project, I just felt it needed to be a bit larger, and am glad I sized it up.

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