Red Velvet Envelope Pillow Cover Sewing Project

For various non-valid reasons I haven’t taken on any sewing projects in a while. To ease back into things, I made a pillow cover for the couch in my living room. I wanted a large, soft, and squishy pillow, so I ordered a 24″ down square pillow form online. Its a bit more expensive than plain foamy or whatever pillow forms, but to me the extra few bucks is definitely worth it.

I ordered some deep russety-red cotton velvet from In the end making this pillow did not realistically cost less than a store bought pillow. However, they apparently don’t make store bought pillows that meet my exacting standards.

Envelope Pillow Cover
Envelope Pillow Cover

Now, I needed to figure out how to sew an envelope pillow cover for my oversized pillow form. Due to an unfortunate deficiency in the amount of fabric I ordered (me no math good), I did not have enough fabric to make an envelope pillow out of two pieces of fabric. Luckily, Instructables had a good tutorial on making an envelope pillow out of three pieces of fabric. This sewing tutorial was helpful because it told you how to figure out how much fabric you would need to cut based on your pillow size. You need to have enough fabric so the envelope flaps on the back of the pillow are large enough to have a good amount of overlap for a secure fit.

If you have enough fabric, it will probably be easier and faster for you to make a pillow cover using fewer pieces of fabric. And, fewer cuts mean fewer chances for mistakes to ruin your project! This tutorial on Take the Side Street would be helpful for an easy sewing project that uses only one piece of fabric.

envelope pillow cover front and back
Front and Back Sides of my Envelope Pillow Cover

In the end, I was happy with how this simple sewing project turned out. My only issue is that I feel like for my personal taste,the pillowcase could fit the pillow a little more snugly since my pillow is quite soft and flexible. Next time I will probably cut the fabric to the size of the pillow rather than adding a one inch seam allowance.

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