Quilt Fail: What happens when you make the same mistake over and over

quilt fail

I was pretty excited about my latest project: a simple but fantastic quilt!  It would be soft and comfy, and sturdy enough to hold up to many years’ abuse. It would be first in a long line of increasingly advanced (and stunning) quilts. I bought my cotton quilting fabric and charged ahead with a downloadable pattern.

quilt fail
Quilt Fail

Instead of my perfect quilt, I now possess a quilt top so uneven that I don’t think it is at all salvageable.  Here is a fun fact:  if you continuously mess up the seam allowance, your quilt will turn into a trapezoid.
I am pretty stumped on how to fix this mess of a quilt.  I might just throw it out. I have tried trimming it to square it up, but at this point my heart isn’t in the effort. I guess I will keep it and see if I develop the skills to somehow fix it later. I am not picking out the stitches.

Where it all went wrong

Uneven Quilt
Uneven quilt/ messed up seam allowances

It all started off badly when I cut my fabric pieces the wrong size. I decided to string them together anyway, in the true spirit of quilting. Ultimately, my first quilt project failed because my seam allowances were inconsistent. Instead of always sewing the quilt pieces with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, my seam allowance got bigger over time. I needed to have a quilting foot to make sure that my seam allowance was always the same. I can’t really see the quarter inch mark on my sewing machine, so I marked it with a piece of tape. As it turns out this technique did not work for me. I did order a quarter inch foot for my sewing machine online, but it did not fit my machine. Soon I will be off to my local sewing machine store to get a foot that will definitely fit my machine.

Even though this quilt project was a complete disaster, I am excited to try again. Yes I wasted some fabric and money, but that happens with any hobby, right? I still have most of my uncut fabric for my sashing, boarder, and backing. Maybe I will have better luck next time.

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