Pillow: “The Envelope, Please” from Sew Everything Workshop

I was excited to start the pillow series from Diana Rupp’s “Sew Everything Workshop” . I got enough fabric for three of the four pillows in the book: The Envelope, Please (envelope pillow), the Bloom and Border Pillow (standard throw pillow, with a quilted border), and the Zip-o-riffic Pillow (zippered pillow). The envelope pillow is a one-spool (easy) project, while the Bloom and Border pillow and the Zip-o-riffic pillow are both two-spool (less easy) projects. The Piper’s Pillow (a throw pillow with a piped border) is a three-spool project, which is much too hard for me to even consider trying right now.

For a while I was unsure if I had calculated the amount of fabric I would need correctly, so I did a marathon measure-and-cut session and cut out the fabric for all three pillows at once. This way, if I needed to get more fabric, I could go back to the store before they sold out of it. I spent quite a bit of time beforehand diagraming the most efficient use of my fabric.

Front of envelope pillow
Envelope pillowcase fron

The geometric acrobatics were sort of fun, and well worth it. I had enough fabric, but not a lot of leftover wasted fabric. Yay!

The pattern for the envelope pillow was easy, and relatively quick. I didn’t have any real problems, and don’t have any complaints about the instructions. I appreciate how it is easy to get the pillow form in (since it’s an envelope pillowcase), and how you don’t have to do any hand stitching to secure the pillow.

And, my boyfriend likes it, yay!

Grade: A. This is an easy, fun project that makes a 16″ x 12″ envelope-style pillowcase. It’s also very easy to modify, as the many variations that people have made shows!  Brownie Knits made a larger envelope pillow with French seams in a Craftsy.com class from Diana Rupp- you can read her review of that pillow here.


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