Men’s shirt- Mccall’s M6044

I’m sorry about the lack of posts recently- I’ve been making muslins for Butterick 5638– I am determined to learn how to fit patterns to my body, so I can make clothes that fit great.  It’s been quite a struggle, but I am making real progress! I’ll post about this separately.

McCall's M6044 Men's shirt
McCall’s M6044 Men’s shirt

Ever since I started sewing, my partner has been asking (nagging) me to make him a shirt. I decided to make it over the summer while he was gone (yes, I am behind on my posts) I was pretty daunted, but making a men’s shirt wasn’t so bad! He likes cowboy style shirts (style E on M6044), but I was realistic and knew I could not make that shirt yet. I went with style A, which is a simple short-sleeved button down with a pocket.





M6044 in plaid seersucker
Success! Sorry it’s a little fuzzy- this was absolutely the only picture he would pose for.

For the fabric, I chose a dark blue and white plaid in a cotton seersucker weave. Partner keeps on saying he thinks the weave is weird, but I say too bad! Seersucker is supposed to be great in hot weather. I’m sorry he doesn’t like it more, but still think choosing a fabric that makes you more comfortable is worth it.

I made several alterations to the pattern- instead of using plain seams, I used French seams wherever they were straight enough for me to manage it- I think this was a great decision, since the seams are stronger and the shirt looks better and closer to store-bought. I think flat-felled seams might have worked too, but was not in the mood to try a technique I had never done before.

I also added an additional pocket, since I know he likes to have one on each side.

The biggest change I made was to use pearl snaps instead of buttons- for this, I had to buy a Dritz Heavy Duty Snap Fastener Plier Kit

I’ll admit, even with the pliers, putting the snaps on was tough- for starters, the first time I did them, I put them on the wrong side, forgetting that they would not be coming up through a layer of fabric like buttons do. And, the snaps were just difficult to put on. Despite my best efforts to make sure all parts were flush with the pliers before using them, sometimes snaps were misaligned, so that the attachment prongs were sticking out at odd angles. I had to use an awl to pry misaligned snaps off and try again with a new snap. I do think that it gets easier the more you practice, but I am going to plan on having extra snaps from now on.

All in all, a success! I’m going to try sewing a cowboy shirt this winter. Glamour Glory also loved M6044.

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