Help with Sleeve Cap Ease for Fitting Sleeves in Arm Holes/ Armscyes

sewing sleeves
There must be an easier way to sew sleeves
You know the horrible tedious torture that is trying to ease in a sleeve to the armscye or armhole? That special kind of burden that makes you consider only making sleeveless clothes? I just read on Green Apples that the process of pinning, basting,and then ruining the sleeve because you messed up and it didn’t fit right in the armscye is not really necessary. Some pattern adjustment can eliminate the ordeal. The method used to eliminate the ease is in the blog post. Also, I found another helpful sleeve ease tutorial on Elegant Musings.

The reason why sleeve cap ease is built into sewing patterns was originally outlined on Fashion Incubator.

I would love to use this method to stop having to ease in sleeves!!!

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