Failed Project #1: Pajama Pants Without a Pattern

We are truly novice sewers. We don’t know anyone who sews, and have no source of guidance or advice. Thank God for the internet, and all the great sewing blogs that serve as inspiration!

My initial interest in sewing was actually about two years ago, when I found that my favorite source of pajama pants, Old Navy, had decided to put a bunch of uncomfortable and impractical snaps and ribbon on the side of every pair of pajama pants. Gone were the straight-legged, regular length, comfortable and affordable pajama pants! Replacing them was horribly over-complicated and over-designed cargo roll-up-leg pajama pants, which came at a substantially higher price. I knew that the stupid snaps and cargo design were intended to seem to justify the price increase, when in reality it was no added value at all. And thus began my Old Navy boycott.

old navy pajama Pants
The Most Uncomfortable Pajama Pants in the World

I visited my local sewing store on a whim. I ended up buying an old Singer Merritt 4530 sewing machine. Visions of beautiful silky pajama pants began to materialize in my imagination.

Sadly, it was never to be. I found instructions on the internet to make pajama pants without a pattern, using deconstructed old pajama pants as a guide. I hadn’t worked on the waist yet, but the pants I made looked OK. Sure, the legs were a little uneven and don’t get me started about the weird crotch (!), but I was proud. I went to put them on, and discovered that these pajama pants would never fit an adult woman.

This disappointment didn’t completely stop my sewing enthusiasm. I tried and failed yet again. This defeat, combined with losing the tension adjustment knob on my machine (plus the unspeakable trauma of countless unsuccessful attempts to raise the bobbin thread), served to stop my desire to sew in its tracks.

Why didn’t I get my machine fixed? Why didn’t I just buy a sewing pattern like a normal person? I don’t know.

Luckily, a visit from my sister (aka Right), during which we again lamented the horrible quality of clothing and also inspected my sewing machine inspired the hope that we can learn how to sew together.

This blog is our way of helping each other through the ups and downs of learning how to sew. And if we are successful, we hope that this blog might help someone else learn how to sew too.

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