Elementary Sewing Mistakes, or Have Some Coffee Before Starting to Sew

Sometimes I like to sew first thing is the morning, because that is when I am most optimistic.  Too bad this does not necessarily mean I am also clear-headed!  I cut out the fabric for “Tender is the Nightie” from  Sew Everything Workshop the day before, and was excited to start a new project.  Also, I am on board with Diana Rupp in terms of wearing nightgowns- every women ought to have at least two. Why be frumpy in flannel pajamas and old tee shirts all the time? Class it up a bit!

If you remember, I am making a pink and black satin nightgown with fabric that I got on sale.  I am glad that I got sale fabric, because right away this project turned into a disaster.  Knowing that everything needs to be wrinkle-free, I diligently started ironing.  Without letting the coffee have time to get into my system, and without checking the heat setting on my iron. Yikes.  Right away, my satin turned into a melted mess.  Opps! 

Always check your iron settings!

I know I am not the only one to let carelessness get in the way of good sewing- the hapless seamstress had a similar experience, only on a finished dress!

Still buoyed by my early-morning optimism, and happy that I could replace the ruined piece of fabric with some of the abundant leftovers I had, I continued sewing- without considering the thinness of my fabric, and without doing a tension test on it.  One of the first things you do in this project is a zig-zag along the upper edges of the bodice to prevent fraying.  Too bad all I got was a lot of puckering!

See how much less the tissue paper side puckers?


I must have had a bunch of anti-stress endorphins running through me at this point, because I  calmly remembered that you can sew over tissue paper along with your fabric to reduce puckering, then remove the tissue paper when you are done.  I turned this into an experiment with tension and tissue paper.

The fabric with the tissue paper really did pucker a lot less.  I had to be careful removing the tissue paper though!  I guess these mistakes/lessons were also caused by using cheap fabric.

I’m done with the nightgown now- more about it next time!



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