Christmas Blankets! Simplicity It’s So Easy 2040

It’s funny that now that I sort of know how to sew I feel a big obligation to make presents for people.  I already promised to make one of my friends an apron, and I would like to make something for my boyfriend’s mother.  This got me to thinking about all the other people I could make aprons for, and my stress levels started to rise.  If I make an apron for one person, shouldn’t  I make one for everyone?  But, I realistically do not have the time. It takes me at least a week to do the simplest projects.

Luckily, my local fabric store had a 60% off fleece sale, and I went in to buy some fleece for a fleece jacket I am eventually going to make.  Remembering that my pajama pants pattern (Simplicity It’s So Easy 2040) also includes a blanket pattern, I came up with a new plan: blankets for nearly everybody!

It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to show I care, and everyone can always use another blanket.

As written, the blanket is more of a throw or lap blanket.  I added a yard on for the men’s blankets to take care of their extra height.

Making the blankets is easy, if a little time-consuming.

Simplicity It's So Easy 2040 Fleece Blanket
Simplicity 2040 fleece fringed blanket

You just cut in 4 inches at one inch intervals around the blanket, and knot the resulting fringe at its base. The corners are a little tricky- you cut off the three fringes closest to the corner, so the blanket is rectangular and has one fringe at the corner.  I can’t really describe the technique well,  but is easy to do if you are careful and think about what you are doing.

This is one project where linear designs make things much easier.  I was able to use the design of this blanket to make sure I was cutting evenly, and to make sure that the blanket was rectangular (instead of a parallelogram) before I started making the fringe .

Yay!  I would like to have my blankets done by Thanksgiving, so I will have time to get a few sewing projects done for people in time for Christmas.

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