Everything is Terrible!

We can’t be the only ones to have noticed how terrible everything is nowadays, right? Seriously, the quality of goods has declined dramatically. My sister and I were shopping for some new t-shirts, which should be pretty easy to find, and could not find any decent quality shirts. Everything is made from super-thin, cheap fabric. We’re reasonably fit. Did we look good? No. We looked like potatoes.

Also, we are not convinced that it is necessary nor fashionable to wear two shirts at once just because all of the shirts are sheer or semi-sheer. Having to pay twice as much to get a terrible quality outfit? Not cool. Nope. Do not like.

We’re calling them t-shits now.

We were so distressed that we decided to learn how to sew. We’re going to make projects out beginner’s sewing book ( “Sew Everything Workshop” by Diana Rupp), and someday they will stop looking like clothes blind people made, and start looking well-made and chic. We’re also going to complain about things. Yay!