Sewing Slang 101

Sometimes I look around on blogs to see if other people have the same sorts of problems I do- unsatisfactory projects, projects that I have been “working on” for a while, when really they have just been sitting there while I pretend that they are going to finish themselves.  It’s nice to see that yes, these types of things do happen to other people, and no, I am not a terrible freak.  Sometimes people are using acronyms or terms that I have to figure out.  So, here are a few sewing terms that I’ve come across:

UFO-Unfinished Object- Something you start, but never finish, and mostly forget about.  I don’t think I’ve been sewing long enough to have any of these.  Maybe it’s a project that is a bit too advanced for you, maybe you just got distracted by life, or maybe its a project that you start, and then decide that you don’t like the look of.

Who knows, maybe you’ll actually finish these someday?

gm4style at could tell you a thing or two about realizing something isn’t going to look nice after you have already started it, or wondering why you ever started it at all.

PHD– Project Half Done- You haven’t forgotten about these, but you might not be progressing as quickly as you’d like.  Once the energy and enthusiasm of starting a new project wane, it might be difficult to actually finish the project.

I have a couple of these- the pillow i need to hand stitch closed (ug, hand stitching = boring), the other pillow that traumatized me because of zipper problems-but I will get to them when I have time, or when I am ready to deal with my trauma.

The Domestic Diva started trying to finish her UFO’s and PHD’s over the summer- I wonder how far she’s gotten?

wadder– something you finish, but hate.  Ha ha, I already have one of these,  the Easy Breezy Wrap Skirt from  Sew Everything Workshop.   I’m going to blog about this later, but let’s just say that this skirt has already made its way to the landfill, and good riddance.

A pin on the table is a pin on the floor– Wrong told me this saying.  Put your pins in the pincushion, not on the table!  You know they are going to fall on the floor, and sooner or later, someone is going to find them by painfully stepping on them.

Smiling Dog
I love you. Please don't leave sharp things on the floor for me to step on.





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