Grandma’s Sewing Box

A few days ago we were at our Grandparents’ house.  My grandparents were very neat and organized, so when a white vinyl storage box caught my eye, I suspected that it was likely to be something worth keeping.

I grabbed the sturdy box off the shelf, and looked inside. It was exactly what I was hoping! It was my grandmother’s sewing box, full of notions. I didn’t even know that she used to sew.

Vintage Sewing Box

The box was a nice surprise, because I have been thinking that I need to order a sewing box. My notions and supplies are either scattered around my dining room (and apparently look like delicious dog toys), or they are crammed in a storage box where they are at risk of being lost forever. I resisted buying a sewing box from my local Joann’s because they all look so flimsy. Who wants a fabric snap button closure? That’s just dumb and is going to break.

Now I have a sturdier box, plus a lifetime supply of hand sewing needles, some extra scissors, lots of old thread and pins, and a bunch of aged seam binding/hem tape (great for practicing with). My new sewing box needs a bit of repair work, but its a great way to remember my grandmother. Thanks, Grandma!

Vintage Sewing Notions
Sewing Notions

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