Complaint Time: San Diego and LAX Airports, what do you have against outlets?

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Calm down. Just think about cute shoes and everything will be fine. Vigiotti Ursulina from

I was recently traveling through the San Diego commuter terminal (Lindbergh Field) and LAX.  I arrived ridiculously early to the airport, since I know that if anything can go wrong, it will.  I brought my computer so I could get some work done while I was waiting  for my flight. I’m not sure what the people at the airport have against outlets, but they have it bad.  The main terminal is kind of fantastic free wi-fi, lots of outlets, and even little desk areas for people to work at- but the commuter terminal seems to only have two or three in the entire place, and I would have had to crawl over people to get to them. Judging by the dingy rectangles on the walls, it even looks like a few outlets have been covered over.  WHY?

Outlets in the dining area: 0. Gah. (I had a beer- if the plane is going to go down, I’d like to have just a little alcohol in me).  I also had a “gourmet” pretzel.  By gourmet, I guess they mean 2/3rd burnt and terrible.  A great way to control calories).

Onto LAX, which is just terrible and run-down, and hardly has any outlets. It looks like it is a small regional airport that in some out-of-the-way place, not one of the biggest airports in the country.  Come on LA, get it together, try to have a tiny bit of pride in your appearance.

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