New Fabric: Lisette Cotton Prints from JoAnn

Lisette Print Fabric

In anticipation of successfully sewing a shortened shirt version of Simplicity 1989 Pull-Over dress and a smaller pair of Simplicity 1971 Pajama Pants, I bought some new apparel fabric from JoAnn.

cotton sateen floral print fabric
Floral Print Cotton Sateen Fabric by LIsette

I wanted to get soft, comfortable, natural fabrics… I am not sure why all the fashion fabric has to be made of polyester? I am sure polyester can be good for some projects, but on the whole I prefer fabrics that can actually breathe. Oh well I am sure my stubborn opinion will change as I learn to sew different projects. You can’t make everything out of silk.

Nevertheless, I was lucky enough today to find two 100% cotton fabric prints that will be good for pajamas and a casual shirt. JoAnnshas a large selection of quilting cottons to choose from, but many of them seemed a bit stiff and scratchy for what I was looking for.

Lisette Print Fabric
New Fabrics for Future Failed Sewing Projects

I found a couple of cotton prints by Lisette fabric that were comfortable. Cindy of Siestas and Sewing bought some Lisette fabric that looks great. I envy her Lisette passport dress.

I got a nice pink floral for my pajama pants.

Little Lisette Cotton Poplin
Lisette Fabric in "Watercolor" Print Cotton

The “Little Lisette Watercolor” is a cotton poplin. It’s actually the same print as my previous attempt to make pajama pants, except in a different color.

I also got a turquoise on brown/olive-y brown contrast floral print in cotton sateen for my Simplicity 1989 dress/shirt. It is not listed anymore on the Joann website, but it is still shown for information on the Lisette Fabric website. No matter what my shirt looks like, I will definitely wear it around the house. Even if I have to tape it to my body in bits and pieces, this will be a successful project.

Both of these fabrics were on sale at 50% off. I hope it’s not a complete waste of money. I will never know unless I try.

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