New Fabric

New Blue Rayon or Polyester Fabric
New Blue Rayon or Polyester Fabric

In anticipation sewing of sewing the Sew Simple Simplicity 1989 Dress again (this time as a full dress) and sewing the Simplicity 2418 Its So Easy shirt, I bought some new fabric. The main thing about these fabrics is that they are thin and not natural, which is a departure from my regular quilting cotton. I believe these are both rayon (or polyester?), although they have different textures. The bright blue is smooth, rather like a fake silk crepe (I guess?). The light blue is semi sheer and has a nubby texture.

I bought new sewing needles in a smaller size so I can deal with these thinner fabrics. In any case, at least these were on clearance in case my projects get horribly mangled.  They were $3 a yard from the local fabric store.  I like this fabric store because they carry lots of apparel fabric, including cottons and silks.  Of course I am sure I will use lots of synthetic fabric, but I think it will be good to have some natural fiber fashion fabric when the time comes that I am more confident in sewing clothes.  Here’s hoping…

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