Stargazer Quilt by Amy Gibson (Wonky Star Quilt Pattern)

Boys Colors Quilt
I used cool and neutral colors to make a boy quilt with lots of blue, green, grey, beig, yellow, and gold.

My latest project is a throw quilt for my son: the “Stargazer” quilt pattern by Amy Gibson from her quilting book For Keeps. This quilt pattern features scattered light-colored wonky stars over a dark background. I chose Boundless quilting fabric by Craftsy in solid colors.

Specifically, I picked a fat quarter bundle and a jelly roll/ 2.5 inch strip set so my colors would all easy coordinate. I have plenty of left over fabric that I did not use. However, this was the best choice for me because buying a fat quarter bundle was much much much cheaper than buying individual half yards of fabric (plus I have plenty of coordinating fabric leftover for a future quilting or sewing project).

Boundless Solids Soft ‘n Subtle Precut Fabric

from: Craftsy

I was very happy with the pattern instructions for the Stargazer Quilt. After watching a couple of YouTube videos I was able to make the wonky stars. I did a few star colors at a time to streamline the process. I will say that diagonally cutting the squares as in this tutorial really helped me make the star points the right size.

boundless qulting fabric cut diagonally for wonky star quilt
Craftsy Boundless quilting fabric cut from 2.5 inch strips
Craftsy Boundless quilting fabric cut fat quarters for boy's quilt
Craftsy Boundless quilting fabric cut fat quarters for boy’s quilt








I selected cool, muted colors that would be good for a boy. My boy’s quilt has a dark blue “night sky” background with brighter stars. I did have to cut off some star points or cover them with binding in order to square my quilt. I still love the quilt though!

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Stargazer Quilt Wonky Star Pattern Amy Gibson
Stargazer Quilt Wonky Star Pattern Amy Gibson
half inch line quilting
I quilted a series of half inch parallel lines onto my wonky star quilt
Crinkly Quilt Backing in Parallel Lines
I used a walking foot to do straight line quilting at half inch intervals.

Simple Hexagon Quilt Pattern (Craftsy Learn to Quilt: Colorful Bed Quilt Class)

quilt pattern for hex and triangle with "Little House on the Prairie" fabric
Craftsy Colorful Bed Quilt (hexagon quilt pattern) in the “Learn to Quilt” class series. Little House on the Prairie fabric.

I finally finished another quilting project using Little House on the Prairie fabric & quilt kit! I decided to complete Craftsy’s Learn How to Quilt class series with Amy Gibson’s Colorful Bed Quilt. This quilting class teaches you how to quilt a large (queen size) quilt with triangles and hexagons. The pieces are quite large so cutting them out and piecing them is a fairly quick process, and you can complete this class quite quickly. To keep with the simplicity of the quilt, I decided to stitch in the ditch for my quilting process. A double binding adds visual interest to the boarder.

I made this quilt for my mom, so I chose somewhat traditional floral fabric. I also chose non-directional fabric so I could complete the cutting and piecing quickly without worrying too much about placement accuracy.

Hexagon quilts are a classic design but because they feature clean, simple lines they can look quite modern. Crafty has good resources on learning to make a hexagon quilt.

I am very happy with my huge queen size quilt! The craftsy class was good, but perhaps a tiny bit rushed in spots. I think I feel ready to tackle a quilting pattern on my own now.

little house on the prairie fabric hexagon quilt pattern
Hexagon quilt in Little House on the Prairie quilting cotton fabric

Online Quilting Class

stitch in the ditch on hexagon quilt
Craftsy’s “Learn to Quilt: Colorful Bed Quilt” class with Little House on the Prairie fabric. My quilt top is a little loose… Better make more quilts for practice.

Baking fresh whole grain bread

I recently decided to try my hand at baking bread. I really want to bake 100% whole grain bread, but apparently baking bread is harder than I thought! I don’t have anyone to teach me about baking bread, so I bought a craftsy class to get some hands on training. I bought Secrets to Whole-Grain Bread Baking.

Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread from Craftsy Secrets of Whole-Grain Bread Baking
Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread Crumb Shot
Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread Crumb Shot from the Craftsy Secrets of Whole-Grain Bread Baking Class

So far I am very happy with my bread baking class! It provides clear instructions on mixing and timing, which is exactly what I need. I have started out with the Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich bread. This class is about whole grain breads, but the recipes are not 100% whole grain. Apparently you are supposed to build a baking foundation of working with a blend of whole grain flours and regular white (bread flour or I suppose all purpose four) flours. Then you can move on to baking more substantial whole grain ancient and sprouted breads.

My New Style Arc Sewing Patterns (Independent Sewing Patterns)

I’m trying to find time to sew more, and in particular I want to try sewing patterns from independent pattern companies. I’ve just ordered a few sewing patterns from Style Arc, an Australian sewing pattern company focused on current fashion trends and styles. I purchased:

  • The Olivia Dress
    Style Arc Olivia Dress Independent Sewing Pattern PDF
    Style Arc Olivia Dress Sewing Pattern
  • The Riva Raglan T-Shirt
    Style Arc Riva Raglan T-Shirt PDF
    Style Arc Riva Raglan T-Shirt
  • The Diana Top
    Style Arc Diana Top Sewing Pattern
    Style Arc Diana Top Sewing Pattern
  • The Susan Top
    Style Arc Susan Top Independent Sewing Pattern
    Style Arc Susan Top

I concentrated on simple styles suitable for a beginner. You can download most of the patterns to print from a PDF on the Etsy Style Arc site or order a printed pattern to be sent to you directly from the Style Arc sewing patterns website. Make sure you select the correct country currency when you visit their website, as they are an international pattern company.

Beginner Quilting: Craftsy Cozy Throw Quilt

throw quilt by craftsy online quilting class
Amy Gibson’s Craftsy Cozy Throw Quilt

It has been a loooong time, but I recently finished my latest quilting project! I made another one of Amy Gibson’s quilt patterns in the Learn to Quilt Series on Craftsy, the Cozy Throw Quilt. I couldn’t be more happy with the online video class or with my finished throw quilt.

This Craftsy class teaches you how to strip quilt. Strip quilting allows you to build you quilt blocks in a quick and efficient way. Although the individual blocks themselves look complicated to make but because they are actually cut from strips of fabric sewn together, the process is easier and faster than you might guess. It took me a long time to finish this throw quilt, but only because various family emergencies and baby sleep regressions made this easy quilt pattern into a rather drawn out process. It was hard to find a block of time to actually sew, and whenever I tried to, someone wandered over to unplug my sewing machine or push all the buttons on my sewing machine.

strip quilting: kona cotton solid quilting fabric
kona cotton solids quilting fabric strips
how to strip quilt
how to strip quilt
finished craftsy cozy throw quilt pattern from amy gibson
finished craftsy cozy throw quilt pattern from amy gibson
machine quilting with walking foot in diamond pattern
I machine quilted this easy strip quilt in an all over diamond pattern with my walking foot

Amy Gibson gives very clear instructions and is a very good teacher. She teaches you how to accurately measure and cut strips of fabric for strip quilting. Then she teaches you how to make quilt blocks from those strips. My quilt is far from perfect but I love it.

Craftsy offers a pre made quilting kit for this class. It is a beautiful set of bright, feminine quilting cotton solids. I chose to make my own mix of muted colors in kona cotton quilting solids from If you don’t want to cut fabric strips then you can buy pre-cut jelly roll quilting fabric.

Craftsy Learn to Quilt Cozy Throw Quilt
Craftsy Learn to Quilt Cozy Throw Quilt
strip quilt pattern
throw quilt with kona cotton solids fabric
kids on quilt on couch
my throw quilt on the couch about to get very dirty